Hard Water problems

5:57 PM

After the first shower I took in Copenhagen I realized I had a big problem to deal with. This city have hard water. And with the time I found out that it's really, really hard. I've been in London, a place that is known for having pretty bad hard water, but there's no comparison to the water in Copenhagen.
For those who don't know, hard water is a water that contains excess of minerals like calcium, magnesium and manganese. Basically once this minerals are an excess in the water they are deposited in your skin, your hair, your sink. all over your house. Is a chaos. To remove it from objects there are some strong acid chemical products you can apply and they do all the magic.
But in your hair you have to be more careful. Soft acid products like lemon or vinegar also neutralize the minerals but you can't use every day because they also dry the hair and scalp.
So I had to buy or restart using bunch of products to moisturize my skin and hair.

For the skin I restarted using my Aloe Vera Body Cream from Nature Republic, I love so much this cream I used to use this whenever I had a breakout and it would reduce almost all the redness overnight and it's been equally effective for dryness. I could't find this body cream anymore but you can find the new Nature Republic's smoothing gel with 92% Aloe Vera HERE
I felt that my skin needed a even more profound moisturizing so I bought this Derma V10 Tech Solutions Coconut body butter, which I actually found in a drugstore but you can find HERE. I am amazed with this body butter! It was very inexpensive, great quality, it's cruelty free not to mention that it actually smells like coconut ice cream. My husband started using after shaving, 'cause that's when his face gets eve more dried and he also really liked.

For cleaning and smoothing my hair I bought this leave in Argan oil conditioner, that I don't really know which brand it is, I just bought in the market in a desperate time of hair dryness. I'ts not very moisturizing but I love the fact that it's in spray. So far i don't know if it was a worth purchase, so if you know any good leave in conditioner that is cruelty free, I'd love if you'd leave a comment with the recommendation.
Now, the emon alone is too acid for your hair, so what I do is to mix 1 lemon juice in 1L of water and just throw it on my hair after shampooing, then leave for a few minutes, rinse it off and normally apply conditioner. I also don't wash my hair every day, because the more you wash your hair in hard water the more damage your hair will take, so I'm washing it every 2 or 3 days and dry shampoo it in between.

Last but not least, I got this Argan oil from Natural World that you can find HERE and it's pretty good. I think that it's what really made difference in my hair lately, it's getting slowly shinny again. The only downside of this product is that I found out, after buying it, that it's not actually cruelty free. When I bought I read in the package that it was made in England, and for me once there's a law in EU prohibiting animal test in any products made in EU, it should mean that if the product is made in EU it's safe right? Well, I found out it's more complicated than that, and that Natural World does test in animals. Very confusing laws :P. Anyway, i'm hoping that if they do really test in animals they consider going cruelty free. It would be a nice thing for all the cosmetic brands to do I think.

Overall: My hair recovered a lot in this two weeks of many products used, but there's still a long way to go and big haircut to make.

Hope you enjoyed the post,

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  1. Conheci algumas pessoas que viajaram por aí e comentaram o mesmo. Tiveram vários problemas dermatológicos e todos tiveram caspa :( Eu nem consigo imaginar como é incômodo, já que só por ter mais química na água daqui (por conta da falta de água, usam água muito suja e barrenta, tendo que usar mais química para tornar potável) já fiquei com a pele mais sensível T T

    Boa sorte com as adaptações e descobertas cosméticas. Você parece radiante, como sempre <3