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Hello dears!

Last Saturday my husband and I made our way to the rainy city of London. It was the first time we went there and I must say that crowded and crazy as it is it's absolutely lovely.
In fact we had mostly a nice weather which made our tour really good. Our main reasons for the trip was to visit a friend and to see The Phantom of the Opera piece, which  I had never seen and Oh my! Is just beautiful! I knew all the songs, I'm crazy for them, but never seen the movie just because I wanted to see the original piece first.
We also visited some main touristic places as the London eye, Buckingham palace, Trafalgar Square, The British museum, the National Gallery (We were not allowed to take pictures sadly), Big Ben and many pretty parks that I don't really remember the names .

Two sunny days in London? I'm impressed.

It was the first time I actually saw a squirrel, so I took thousands of photos. Those are not natural in Brazil so I only saw different kinds of small squirrels in pet shops but never these ones. I also never saw them in Copenhagen as well, but Denmark is well known as a country with a big lack of animals, so the wildest animals I saw here were crows and pigeons. And ducks, but I'm pretty sure they were actually placed in the city's lakes.

Vintage coat (Similar in "Where to find"), Call It Spring Ankle Boots (Link in "Where to find"), Blue Steel Valvet Trousers (Similar in "Where to find"), Handmade Jumper, Cadence Watch (Link in "Where to find"). I'm using Essie Nordics nail polish in the color Shearling Darling (Link in "Where to find")

We were not allowed to take pics inside the theater so I took these photos from google so you can have an idea of how beautiful are the theater and the piece.

Vintage coat (Similar in "Where to find"), Zara Knit Jumper ( Similar in "Where to find"), ASOS AIRBUND Chelsea Ankle Boots (Link in "Where to find"), Blue Steel Valvet Trousers (Similar in "Where to find"), Handmade Scarf.

I also bought myself a set of mini English Teas in this beautiful Peter Rabbit themed tin cans. I tried the English Breakfast Tea and it's just as good as cute. 

In the street next to the hotel we stayed we had the happiness to find a Brazilian restaurant! It's been enough time in Denmark to miss some foods from our homeland. Some simple things I miss are coxinha (Chicken Fritters)  and pão de queijo (Cheesy bread). They are such simple, cheap and easy things to find in Brazil and honestly I'm used to eat it almost every day, so it's wired not to have it here. Also I figured many breaded food we have in Brazil are different due to the Mandioca flour we have, and to be honest it's crunchier and tastier than any other fritter breaded thing I tasted. I'm not really much of a fan of beans, but our Feijoada is something different. I love the taste of pork meat and pork sausages in the beans sauce, and once it's not a really easy meal to make I don't have it all the time even in Brazil, so it was really good to have it again.

And that was our adventure. Sure we need more visits to actually all the beauties London can give us, but, we are very happy for now.
Thanks for stepping by and have nice day. Bye.

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  1. Londres é uma cidade encantadora!
    Quem sabe ainda não vou porque a vida anda uma bagunça pra conseguir ir.
    Espero que tenha gostado da minha indicação de janta pós teatro :) Eu que tinha achado esse restaurante hahahaha (as vezes noto que eu sei mais de londres do que o Doug que mora lá)

    Nossa vocês acharam um restaurante brasileiro, tá tem muitos lá porque tem muitos brasileiros mas não sabia que tinha um na região mais central, bom saber!

    Tive uma overdose de fofura com as fotos dos esquilos, eu amo esquilos *-*~
    E amei as latinhas de chá muito fofo *-*~

  2. É linda mesmo!

    Hehehe nós perguntamos para o Doug ideias de onde jantar e ele disse que ia ver contigo hehehe
    Eu adorei o lugar! O ramen é muito gostoso e o restaurante é bem fofinho :3
    E achar um restaurante brasileiro foi a minha felicidade. Eu sinceramente achva que não ia sentir saudade de comida brasileira, porque eu não gosto de feijão e das coisas tradicionais. Mas eu não tinha pensado que não tem tipo, coxinha e pão de queijo fora do Brasil! hehe

    Os chás e os esquilos foram mesmo a dose de fofura que eu precisava. Eu amei aqueles esquilos, sério :P

    Beijocas Kassia <3